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Serie B: Forhåndsomtale 10. serierunde Serie B

Marco Grosselle følger Serie B

25-10-2008 Rune Opstad
Ny spennende serierunde i Serie B lørdag. Kan overraskelselaget Sassuolo slå Vicenza borte? Vil de store lagene fortsette å skuffe? Alt dette får du vite i løpet av dagen.
Empoli vs Pisa ☻☻☻☺☺ 0-3 (Friday)

Last season: Empoli in serie A

This is an important Tuscany regional derby; Empoli as we know is one of the favorite team for the championship final victory. Last match against Parma, lost 1-0 (first season defeat) doesn't represent a problem fot the rest of the season.

Pisa after a difficult start, won last match and is situated in a safe position, even if last year's quality is still a mirage.

Triestina vs AlbinoLeffe ☻☻☻☻☺ 1-1 (Friday)

Last season: 2-4

Triestina want to forget last defeat against Brescia by winning this important match; remember A.Leffe last year reached playoffs. Captain Allegretti will try to score by kicking every free-kick the team will gain.

AlbinoLeffe bad performance against Vicenza must be a teaching for players in order to play more concentrated.

The team is very valid and nothin's compromised for the rest of the season.

Ascoli vs Cittadella ☻☻☺☺☺

Last season: Cittadella in First Division

Two days ago Ascoli changed trainer Nello di Costanzo after bad results of the first part of the championship.

After 2 consecutive 2-0 debacles they must win in order to avoid dangerous list positions.

Cittadella is in a "dramatic" situation: just 6 points in 9 matches, 2 goal scored, 5 lost matches and just one victory.

The team is forced to win or, at least to gain a point.

Avellino vs Frosinone ☻☻☺☺☺

Last season: 0-1

Last match was the first championship triumph for Avellino . After society decided to change trainer, the team plays better, players are conscious they can show everybody they not so bad as journalists say.

Frosinone, after 2-5 against Livorno, won last match 3-1 against Rimini and will go to Avellino trying to win again.

Eder is one of the championship top scorers (6 goals).

Bari vs Grosseto ☻☻☻☻☺

Last season: 0-0

Bari is not going through a good period. After 2 consecutive debacles they surely can't lose again a home match. Antonio Conte, the trainer, ( a past with Juve) wants to reach serie A after a lot of disappointing seasons.

On the contrary Grosseto is the symbol of entertainment and health; last saturday they were losing 2-0 against Salernitana after 20 minutes, and at the end won 6-2!!! Amazing!!!

Livorno vs Rimini ☻☻☻☺☺

Last season: Livorno in serie A

After the few exciting 0-0 in the away match against Cittadella, Livorno must defeat Rimini to join top positions of the list. President Spinelli thinks that 6 matches tied are too many.

Rimini last saturday lost 3-1 against Frosinone but last Tuesday defeated 2-0 Brescia in a postponed match and overcame Cittadella in the list. It's also a lucky moment for some of the players: 20 of them last week won more than a million euros in a national lottery!

Mantova vs Parma ☻☻☻☺☺

Last season: Parma in serie A

Mantova won last away match against Sassuolo, an amazing victory even if maybe not so deserved.

Parma is still in a "strange" position; if you analyze who are the players it seems impossible they have just 11 points, but serie B is really difficult and "acclimatization" for serie A players is hard

Modena vs Brescia ☻☻☻☺☺

Last season: 0-3

Modena gained first season match last week agaist Piacenza but with 5 points is still in a bad position.

They will try to take advantage of another home match, especially because Brescia has a lot of defections.

"Le rondinelle" as it's friendly called Brescia, has a lot of injuried and disqualified players and new trainer Sonetti must "create" a team that can resist Modena's assaults.

Salernitana vs Ancona ☻☻☻☺☺

Last season: Both team in First division

Salernitana is still asking itself how it's possible to "suffer" 6 goals (from Grosseto) and lose 6-2 after an advantage after 20 minutes of 2-0!! Maybe players are not in the better psychological moment ever.

Ancona could take advantage of it; 12 points are not few, and the team quality increases every match. A surprise!

At the beginning of the season a lot of experts considered Ancona probably the weakest serie B team.

Treviso vs Piacenza ☻☻☺☺☺

Last season: 1-0

I think this match can't' be considered the most spectacular of the round, but surprises are always possible.

Treviso lies at the bottom of the list and must try to win, Piacenza scored 2 goals during Monday postponed match against Ascoli, after 4 matches without scoring. What will be the result??

Vicenza vs Sassuolo ☻☻☻☻☻

Last season: Sassuolo in First division

Honestly the most important and expected weekend match!

Vicenza gained 14 point during last 6 matches, not bad, while Sassuolo is not a surprise anymore and continues to demolish almost every antagonist.

The serie B new-entry, leader of the list, wants to astonish again. But Vicenza and venetian supporters, which are really "hot", dream a return in serie A after many unsatisfactory seasons.